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Carolina Smales PERSUNALITY CEO and Nancy Hans

Executive Director of the Prevention Council at the local Fox Channel talk about JOI Neuron

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Designing Technology


Our companies are formed by teams of innovators with extensive experience in health sciences, education, engineering , and art who are fully committed to creating a better world through their bright ideas!

We wish to share Bright Ideas to Brighten People’s lives by reinforcing education, good communication, diversity, and inclusion.

Carolina Smales (Stage name: Carol Joy)


Singer-Songwriter |Health Analyst | Chemical Engineer


PERSUNALITY teams are comprised of experts who are passionate about their work and have an extensive background in a wide variety of fields. Our team members use their innovative thinking and expertise to lead strategic changes. Our programs involve interactive activities and games, engineering educational models, storytelling, music and art.


Inspire change:

Create content that inspires healthy decisions to impact lives positively.

Focus on impact:

Find creative ways to encourage people become the best versions of themselves.

Always evolve:

Act with determination towards achieving goals, improving continuously, being open to new ideas and flexible in your methods.

Treat others with respect, humility and kindness.

Our Journey

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JOI Neuron

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